Running The Numbers #13

Orzhov Blink: 15 appearances – with this much play it will have to win at some point. Numbers #11
Note: Add 3-4 Mulldrifter – Kaityson
With all of its appearances this season, I really can’t explain why Orzhov hasn’t won yet. Maybe this will change tonight. =) – Krosanbeast9359

Running the Numbers #11
Writers Note: If I happen to talk about your deck and you want to clarify something about how it works or its classification, you can email me at and explain. Also, if you want your deck to be discussed then you have to post it in the event thread (note: this doesn’t guarantee I’m going to) I can’t really talk about a deck if I don’t know what’s in it.
Tournament Overview:
Event – Classic TPDC, 7.06
Format – Classic, Matches

So, in TPDC, Orzhov Blink finally breaks through. Is this soley due to Mulldrifter? I lean towards no myself, but perhaps it does add depth to the build that it did not have before in certian matchups. That will be important going forward. I’ll look at that more below, but first lets look at the tourney as a whole and the decks that showed up. I am pleased to see the start of more balance between Aggro and Control representatives for sure. For much of this season, TPDC has been greatly slanted towards Aggro decks (although less than Classic PDC). This week we see a different story. The decks break down into the following categories:
Control - 5: MBC (3), MUC (2), GWR Control
Aggro – 6: Grand Entrance, Mono G Elves, RB Husk, GW Slivers, MGA
Midrange (aggro control) – 2: Orzhov Blink, UB Cogs
Combo – 2: URB Goblinstorm, WR Goblinstorm
Aggro Combo – 0:
Top 4 (top 8) Analysis:
The top 4 this week scaled to MBC, MBC (replaced by UB Cogs), Orzhov Blink, and Grand Entrance. Grand Entrance is a deck that I think has been underplayed this season. It has always stood out as an Aggro deck with an excellent draw engine. The fact that it also has typically has solid matchups against MUC and Black removal based decks. With both of these appearing currently in the metagame I would think GE is a deck for Aggro fans to look at. I’ll focus in on it this week in the spotlight. MBC shared two of the other top 4 slots (one dropped proir so was replaced in the actual top 4, but it did qualify). MBC has been underperforming this season and it is good to see it do well. I am biased a bit as I am a black player at heart. I do however like to see a strong removal based control deck in the metagame along with MUC because it keeps Aggro decks more on their toes versus both strategies. RnR has done well this season in Classic PDC, but in TPDC it seems MBC is the creature killer of choice. The final representative in the top 4 was Orzhov Blink. I must say it was about time for it to make it. I am going to be cautious as always and not say this is the sign of a new power in TPDC. Recent weeks have shown though that it is a deck to prepare for. I will have to see how it fares first against Mongrel based Aggro decks such as RG Mad Beats and Angel Stompy before i am fully convinced times have changed. It has has problems in these matchups before and it is not clear if they linger as neither were present this week. Above I referred to the addition of Mulldrifter to the deck. Due to the lack of the afformentioned aggro decks this week I am also hesitant to declare award this a defininite place in the deck. In control matchups and mirrors it can and should be very strong due to the presence of Blink in the deck and its recursive abilities. Mulldrifter certainly extends the deck’s long game and draw power in these matches. I guess the big picture will be whether the maindeck requires this in each match or if Control matchups are better answered by Mulldrefter from the side. The final came down to Grand Entrance versus Orzhov Blink and yes Orzhov Blink was finally victorius. Finally, to shift direction a bit i’d like to swing back to Grand Entrance:
Grand Entrance — 2nd
1 Ancient Den
2 Bonesplitter
4 Cloud Sprite
3 Counterspell
10 Island
2 Leonin Squire
2 Lonely Sandbar
2 Man-o’-War
4 Ninja of the Deep Hours
4 Phyrexian Walker
6 Plains
1 Seat of the Synod
2 Secluded Steppe
3 Trinket Mage
1 Viridian Longbow
3 AEther Spellbomb
4 Aven Riftwatcher
2 Azorius Chancery
4 Momentary Blink
2 Circle of Protection: Black
2 Circle of Protection: Red
3 Dismantling Blow
4 Echoing Truth
4 Temporal Isolation
While I am geneticly incapable of playing UW myself, I have always liked this deck. As an Aggro deck it can come on fast. It combines the tools of Trinket Mage & Cogs, Momentary Blink, Ninja Of The Deep Hours, and Leonin Squire to generate a ridiculous amount of card advantage in a churning momentum gaining engine. Along side that, it is able to tap into many sideboard tools of lifegain, red & black protection, artifact & enchantment destruction, and creature removal which enables one of the more versatile attacks possible.
The Field Analysis:
The remainder decks left out of the elimination round were: 4 Aggro, 1 Aggro Control, 3 Control and 2 Combo. It surprised me to see MUC shut out of the elimination rounds. It has not had the same level of success this season in TPDC that it has in Classic_PDC though so I suppose this shouldn’t be a complete shock. Goblinstorm has not been able to catch hold in Classic tournament play as yet. I think in reality, too many deck run the tools needed to handle it (in any incarnation) without having to adjust so it lacks a real surprise factor. It can be explosive at times, but I think overall not consistent enough to be a reliable threat right now.
Season Tracking & Head to Heads:
I don’t really have any numbers jumping out at me for this week. We are getting close to the mid-season though and I expect to be able to provide some halfway breakdown data at that time. You’ll just have to be patient for it.
Innovations, Changes, New Decks:
Final Thoughts:
Like Classic_PDC, TPDC has also shifted to a more balanced field this week. Unlike Classic_PDC, Orzhov Blink has emerged as a viable threat here. Both tournaments in fact have been represented by differing decks recently. Of the two, TPDC has been much more static and as such we are still waiting for something to take a firm hold at the top there. Perhaps in the next few weeks this will begin to work out.
Hope you enjoyed reading.

3 Responses to “Running The Numbers #13”

  1. inlovingmemory says:

    the mvp of the grand entrance deck was definitely the longbow. every game in the first 3 rounds was won due to my guys sharing the bow to clear an attacking path.
    as for the mulldrifter adding to oblink, i know its just a guy who draws 2 cards but it certainly appeared to be game breaking in the final. i won game one, i dont remember if there was a drifter played or not. game 2, he played very little and it was like turn 6 with nothing on the board and my guys pressing. he grabs a blue mana to play a drifter and then bam. i think i lose in 2 more turns after that somehow. the third game was similar. its just a guy who draws cards but maybe there is something supernatural about him. ~*~*~only time will tell~*~*~

  2. Iberian Wolf says:

    so, why is there a decklist for the second place and not the winning deck?

  3. jaknife says:

    To answer your question wolf, if you look over my previous articles, you’ll notice I don’t stick to focusing on only the winning deck. I simply try to pick a different deck from the top 4/8 each week that is either new or stands out to give players a full view of the decks they may see. Most players are familiar with O-Blink so I don’t feel I need to discuss it right now as its been around for a while and the biggest change was adding the Drifters. If it maintains a high level I may spotlight it later when we get closer to worlds tourneys.

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