Boin Wins SPDC 4.06

White winnies are invading standard PDC and conquering all opposition, including Blinkdrifter which seems to have lost its steam. Not a single Blinkdrifter made top 8 while all four WW decks made it to the playoff rounds and three made top 4.
If some are upset at its domination, there are certainly a few hosts that are most grateful for WW’s domination saving more than an hour of hosting duties.

[trophy]SPDC 4.06[/trophy]

Fact is none of the decks were strong enough last Thursday night to beat the white menace. WW’s only losses in the playoffs were to mirror matches. Last week, we weren’t sure if the metagame had completely shifted. I think it’s fair to say that it now has. Not since Spore Cry did we see a deck dominate a tournament as badly as WW did in SPDC 4.06.
Boin probably won the tournament because he was the most prepared for the mirror match. Beating the best deck was the key to victory, and since no other decks succeeded in beating WW, WW had to beat itself to take home the gold.
Event Thread

The metagame

SPDC 4.06 Metagame is also available in the forums.
:1st: – First place
:2nd: – Second place
:t4: – Top 4
:t8: – Top 8
Mono-colored Aggro (6)
Krosanbeast9359 – White Weenie – :t8:
Boin – White Weenie – :1st:
GravespwnGoddess – White Weenie – :2nd:
Serra_monk – White Weenie – :t4:
RobE – Blue Beats
Karakusk – Red Deck Storms
Multicolored Aggro (5)
Carinon – Rakdos Goblins
Rabblerouser – R/W Sausages
Cp70 – Strawberry Shortcake – :t4:
ChronicHeaves – Boros Blink
Khirareq – Gwu “Blue Zoo ” Slivers – :t8:
Stiffdiddypinky – G/R control
HWolverine83 – Dreamspore Rock
Me5794 – U/R Illusions – :t8:
Jtamaro – UB madness
Mid-range (6)
Kaityson36 – Blinkdrifter
Lysandar – Blinkdrifter
Icarodx – Blinkdrifter
Thevoltaic – Kingdrifter
BweeBwee – Grimdrifter
Inlovingmemory – Grimdrifter
Control (2)
LostSymphonies – Mr. Clean (UBWR control)
Leadwing Coachman – Mono Black Apology – :t8:


TOP 8:
(1) Leadwing Coachman (Apology)
(8) GravespwnGosdess (WW)
(5) Me5794 (UR Illusions)
(4) Cp70 (Strawberry Shortcake)
(3) Boin (WW)
(6) Khirareq (Blue Zoo)
(7) KrosanBeast (WW)
(2) Serra Monk (WW)
TOP 4:
(8) GravespwnGoddess (WW)
(4) Cp70 (Strawberry Shortcake)
(3) Boin (WW)
(2) Serra Monk (WW)
(8) GravespwnGoddess (WW)
(3) Boin (WW)

Metagame Breakdown

You can always access the standard Top 8 metagame at PDCMagic’s Forums.
Standard Top 8 Metagame
Includes all Standard (SPDC and MPDC) events to date.
While Blinkdrifter is still looking very strong in terms of success, it is only true in a metagame without White Winnies. WW is likely to kill the archtype as Blinkdrifter can’t seem to find reliable solutions. Until there is a deck to close the “rock, scissor, paper” loop or make WW disappear, Blinkdrifter will have a hard time racking up more wins than it already has.
Meanwhile, every other deck seems on standstill until someone finds a solution to WW. What’s amazing is how the solution to Blinkdrifter (which is WW) is just as powerful against the rest of the field as Blinkdrifter was, if not stronger. The solution to the previous problem created a new one. Now the question is, how long will it take to find a new solution?
Thing is, it’s not always as simple as to hate out a single deck. Hating out WW is probably possible, but can it be viable against the rest of the field? Some have talked about Dreamspore Rock as a solution to the WW invasion, but so far DsR has been struggling to win matches. I’m also not convinced it is even that good against WW.
An underplayed deck that has at least a decent match up against WW is Uber Teachings. But it finds barely any pilots. It can be quite effective against WW with a lower than normal mana curve. Trading 1 for 1 early game and gaining card advantage late game is a good gameplan against WW. WW’s weakness is that each of their creatures are easily killed. Any removal will deal with all of the deck’s creatures. Its power comes from the fact that there are too many of them. The high threat count and the low land count makes it hard to trade 1 for 1, which is Teaching’s strategy.
Kingritz was one of the front runner with Sporecry last season and Mr. Slippery delivered us… twice. WW was designed by Kingritz. Is it time to call Mr. Slippery to once again save us from eternal doom?

Power Rankings

Here’s how the power ratings are calculated:
Each event, players gain points depending on the final standings:
1st – 10 points
2nd – 7 points
T4 – 4 points
T8 – 2 points
Other – 0 point
The power rating of a player is the point average for the current season. (By adding all points accumulated and dividing the total by the number of event participations, we get the average/power rating)
Players who play in less than 40% (2/5) of the events will suffer a small penalty.
There are 34 ranked players out of 80. To be ranked you need to reach the playoff rounds once.
The number of events played serve as first tie breakers, followed by the best finishes.
Rank (Power rating) (Last week’s rank) – Trophies
Thanks to Eegag for the top 5 Icons
01 Subliminal man (4.75) (01) – :1st: :2nd: :t8:
02 Boin (4.29) (23) – :1st: :t8:
03 Krosanbeast (4.00) (02) – :1st: :t4: :t4: :t4: :t8:
04 Cecilia Jupe (3.57) (03) – :1st:
04 Eegag (3.57) (03) – :1st:
06 Karakusk (3.33) (03) – :1st:
06 Kingritz (3.33) (06) – :1st:
08 Baron Sengir (3.25) (07) – :2nd: :t8: :t8: :t8:
09 Khirareq (3.00) (09) – :2nd: :t8:
10 Evu (2.75) (11) – :2nd: :t4:

11 Icarodx (2.5)
12 GravespwnGoddess (2.5)
13 Robe (2.33)
14 Kehmesis (2.14)
14 Serra Monk (2.14)
16 Death Knight (2.00)
17 Plainstrider (1.5)
18 Cp70 (1.43)
18 Hurriboy (1.43)
20 Cadaeic (1.43)
21 StillIRise (1.33)
22 Kaityson (1.20)
23 LostSymphonies (1.00)
24 Rancorous Fool (0.71)
24 ZechMaples (0.71)
26 Brokn990 (0.71)
26 Redleg (0.71)
26 Leadwing Coachman (0.71)
29 Jtamaro (0.67)
29 WoCoNation (0.67)
31 Jamuraa (0.50)
32 Lysandar (0.40)
33 Me5794 (0.33)
34 Carinon (0.29)
Most Events Played: Krosanbeast, Carinon (7)
Most Playoffs: Krosanbeast (5)
Most wins: Cecilia Jupe, Eegag, Karakusk, Subliminal Man, Kingritz, Krosanbeast, Boin (1)
Most Points: Krosanbeast (24)


1st place deck – White Winnies – Piloted by Boin
19 Plains
4 Amrou Scout
4 Avian Changeling
4 Benalish Cavalry
4 Goldmeadow Harrier
4 Ivory Giant
4 Knight of Sursi
4 Mana Tithe
4 Shade of Trokair
4 Sidewinder Sliver
4 Sinew Sliver
1 Zealot il-Vec
1 Plains
1 Aven Riftwatcher
2 Cloudchaser Kestrel
4 Martyr of Sands
4 Sunlance
3 Zealot il-Vec

As stated previously, I think Boin won this tournament with the proper build against the mirror match up. The 1 Zealot il-Vec main deck, fetchable with the rebel scouts, and the other 3 sideboard won him at least his last 2 matches of the night. Boin opted for an all creature deck main deck + 4 Mana tithe. So there is no pump and no removal main deck. Only 4 sunlance can be found in the sideboard for problematic drops like spinneret sliver.
What I like most about this build is the lack of Riftwatchers. I do believe they are useless in this deck. They are slow and a free card against many decks, including other WW decks. The lone one in the sideboard is plenty against RDW, since they are backed up with 4 martyr of sands.
Boin’s WW deck was very well built for the meta and many good choices were made to make it this week’s champion.

If anyone would like to write for MPDC, please contact Polyjak. If you would like to have any data I have gathered or my article templates, contact me. (You can PM us in the forums)
Last Monday was MPDC 1.07 and RaiserUK won with White Winnies
Here’s the Metagame
And the Event Thread

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See you next week. Hopefully with something else than WW to write about :)

10 Responses to “Boin Wins SPDC 4.06”

  1. Polyjak says:

    Perhaps, as is so often the case, the winner won because he was the strongest and luckiest player that night? There are other decks capable of winning, but the PERCEPTION of Blinkdrifter and WW being the two best decks is driving our strongest players towards those decks. Meanwhile, the players who aren’t as strong, or as driven to win, continue to pilot whatever they want… and those decks get associated with not winning, even though it’s just their pilots who aren’t concerned with winning?
    I think, especially in Standard, we CREATE the metagame more than we allow it to be shaped. This season is a poster child for Standard being too limited a cardpool for a healthy format. Sheesh.

  2. krosanbeast9359 says:

    Well, the situation is certainly not hopeless. I know a couple of players are currently testing decks to beat both Blinkdrifter and WW.
    It will be interesting to see what happens next week. As always kehm, great article! =)

  3. Polyjak says:

    The next step is just to sell these ‘trump’ decks to the players who can skillfully pilot them…

  4. TGD says:

    This build looks excellent. Great job Boin.

  5. TGD says:

    Also, I’m never able to play Standard because of work the next morning, but some very effective WW vs WW tech I found was….Pentarch Ward. It’s permanent (no Kestreling it), disenchants Temporal Isolations, and creates effectively indestructable, untargetable men (like Zealot il’ Vec) in the mirror.

  6. Kehmesis says:

    That’s an interesting theory Jack. But I’m not sure I agree. I do to a certain extent, which is that many players don’t play to win. Making top 8 is often their primary goal, and with good luck it’s possible to do it with any deck. So they are content with trying with sub-par decks, or pet decks that aren’t working too well. There are also players that don’t have time to test and tournaments are testing grounds.
    I do believe blinkdrifter has a lot of bad match ups. It was just a matter of time before it found its match. WW, however, is pretty hard to deal with and it’s also quite easy to play leaving lots of room for “mistakes”.
    I really believe that there are not many decks that can deal with WW right now.
    About the cardpool, I think it’s an odd comment coming from someone who promotes PDC block ;)
    I mean it’s block+10th+lorwyn+csp. The cardpool is big.

  7. TGD says:

    I’m sorry, I’m confusing line text from two similar cards. Kestrel away.

  8. Boin says:

    Polyjak while some of WW’s results are due to better players playing it thats not the only thing. WW is the best deck. Plentty of good players played other decks without doing as well as any of the WW players. Kaityson, Bwee Bwee, Robe and Karakusk all good players who failed to top 8 unlike all the WW decks.

  9. kehm says:

    On another note, care to explain what I’m doing wrong with the trophy banner? I used the auto trophy, but it’s not showing up.
    I’m not sure what the procedure is. I know LostSymphonies made it, but he got image shack to host it. Maybe he needs access to upload it to pdcmagic for it to work?
    At first I wanted to link to image shack, but I decided otherwise.

  10. Polyjak says:

    The host hasn’t uploaded the image to Gatherling.

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