Alt PDC 1.04 The Decks, The Format, The Winners

Alt PDC made its first foray into multiplayer on Saturday. Gravespawn Goddess emerged as the victor at Alt PDC 1.04 playing Gristle, a green red deck with plenty of fat.

[trophy]Alt PDC 1.04[/trophy]

[b]Gravespwn[/b], who won the other recent multiplayer PDC event played this.
7 Forest
8 Snow-Covered Forest
5 Snow-Covered Mountain
3 Gruul Turf
4 Vine Trellis
4 Wall of Roots
4 Cloudcrown Oak
4 Auroch’s Herd
4 Durkwood Baloth
4 Oakgnarl Warrior
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Kaervek’s Torch
2 Moment’s Peace
3 Naturalize
Since I am no Free For all expect I will quote Gravespwn on how his deck works:
“The idea behind the deck is set up your defenses with some walls that produce mana for the first few turns so people don’t attack you. Cloudcrown Oak is so I can deal with fliers. After that I play some fatties and smash face. If needed use removal on things that need to be removed (players or creatures). Moment’s Peace and Naturalize are there for emergency purposes.”
Next week will be [b]Auction of the People[/b] the format we have all been waiting for (or at least I have). This will feature decks created by PDC players each using only cards that start with one letter all. The entire alphabet will be used except Z and Y which will be replaced by a deck that uses each letter once. Before the tournament starts players will bid for their decks.
Not only will Auction of the People be an amazing and skill testing format but it will feature some of the best prize support for any PDC event. The top four will pick from a prize pool including Sulfurous Springs, 10 Snow-Covered Swamps, 1 Tix and a Moments Peace. Futhermore 4 Goblin Harbingers will be given to players who played in the entire tournament and would otherwise not receive a prize.

After four events who is doing best at Alt PDC? Lets take a Look at the Power Rankings.
1. [b]ZechMaples[/b] – 4.50 With one win and one top four ZachMaples has proved he can put up solid results and therefore sits atop the Power Rankings. But can he Hold his lead.
2. [b]StiLLiRise[/b] – 3.94 Also with a event win and a top four StillIrise is not an opponent you want to face at Alt PDC. But he has played more events than Zach and so has a lower ranking. Can he put up another strong showing to surge back to first?
3. [b]Boin[/b] – 3.75 Boin has yet to lose a match at Alt PDC winning the only event he played in. However doubts about Boin’s consistency keep him at #3. However, sources close to Boin believe he will return for Auction of the People. Can he duplicate his success at Alt PDC 1.01?
4. [b]Shadezz0fHades[/b] – 3.38 Shadezz has consistently made the top, hence his fourth place slot. Can he break into the finals?
5. [b]GravespwnGoddess[/b] – 3.21 Gravespwn has won Alt PDc only Multiplayer Event. Can Gravespawn duplicate that success at a tournament with duels?

2 Responses to “Alt PDC 1.04 The Decks, The Format, The Winners”

  1. inlovingmemory says:

    i made the major mistake of ffa by antagonizing all opponents early. a syphon soul on turn three helped to send me out first in the last round. i //knew// thought i had to play aggressive since our earlier game went long and everyone from the other game knew what i was playing. that was just too much though. i was dead in a turn or two after that. it was a self fulfilling prophecy.
    moral: when playing ffa — sit back, do nothing, win!

  2. theauthenticsimpsonian says:

    I’m no FFA master, I just showed up with this deck that I had made the night before. Anyway, if I was to play this deck again I might switch the Durkwood Baloths for Streetbreaker Wurm. This is to fight against any Guardian of the Guildpacts that might try to attack me, since otherwise my only defense is to attack them a lot and hope to put them at a low life total so they can’t attack me.
    Also it was cool to win my second multiplayer PDC event (I won a 2HG event with Hoadley in season 4) and to win my first non TPDC event.

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