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Dr. Dan Streetmentioner’s “Handbook of 1001 Future Extended Decks”

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

In which Kingritz conjugates decks of Pauper Magic past and future. The Handbook offers one Flainian Pobble Bead to whoever “gets” the title reference and the many others that follow. At the outset, the Handbook would like to thank Boin, LostSymphonies, and Polyjak for their generous assistance.
The Problem
Someday, Future Extended will have been an interesting, diverse Pauper format bridging the one-year gap to the Fall 2008 Extended rotation. The format “so new, it’s from the future” promises to make old decks new, make new decks old, destroy some decks entirely, and produce at least a few things never before seen. As Kaityson has suggested, no one can realistically expect to figure out the Future Extended metagame at this point. Most likely, Kaityson is right, and future Paupers will one day look back on this Handbook with a certain air of knowing amusement.
The Attempted Solution
Here at Dr. Dan Streetmentioner’s Handbook of 1001 Future Extended Decks, the difficulty of predicting the future never stops us from trying. We just hope that our futile striving sheds some helpful light on the nascent Future Extended format.


SPDC 3.12 Follow-Up

Friday, August 24th, 2007

Suicide Pact — remember that four-color Boros control deck I mentioned last week in my SPDC write-up, designed by khirareq, that looked like a blast and a challenge to play? Well, guess what? That deck WON this week’s SPDC tournament!

What’s that? khirareq wasn’t even the one playing the deck? Why… how can this be? Has the world gone mad?


XPDC 101 — Decks From the Past for Future Extended

Monday, August 20th, 2007

It’s closer than you think, boys and girls. The FUTURE, I mean. The Future Extended PDC tournament. XPDC. Totally uncharted waters.
To whom will this format appeal? Those who prefer a more limited cardpool than the one offered by Classic events yet want more options than those provided by the small cardpool of Standard.
Future Extended is a stepping-stone to Classic for any Standard players who are familiar enough with PDC to begin branching out.


UPDC 1.10 Follow-Up

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Well, it certainly was an UBeR day for UPDC, with a hefty percentage of the Top 8 drawing cards from U, B, and R. Mr Slippery 39 was nowhere to be seen, but JXClaytor helmed the Blue Beats deck with impressive finesse into the quarterfinals. It was not to be, though, and our Top 4 ended up devoid of the three archetypes we have all come to expect: Blink, Saps, and Beats. Instead, we see a whole lot of snow lands, Dimir Aqueducts, Rakdos Carnariums, and Izzet Boilerworks.

Let’s have a look!


Future Extended

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Future Extended. Once in a while, the name springs up, suggested by one Pauper or another as a potential tournament-worthy format (though it would have to use the ‘extended’ filter and be on an honor system). There’s even a regular Magic FutEx tourney going on right now in the PRE forums — one that doesn’t restrict itself to the common cardpool.
Is Future Extended a format worth pursuing? This article tackles such a question. Read on, gentle Pauper!