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Future Sight: A Review in Commons

Saturday, April 21st, 2007

We’re back, and we’re reviewing Future Sight! I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for this article since the day Future Sight was announced… and Eegag and I intend not to disappoint!

Eegag: Yay Future Sight!
Polyjak: Indeed. A set full of cards sure to shape the Pauper Standard metagame… and there’s even a few that seem capable of affecting Pauper Classic…
Eegag: Definitely. Future Sight is a solid set across the board, with many hidden gems. It is difficult to select only ten to discuss, because there are so many intriguing cards.
Polyjak: But that’s exactly what we’ve done, isn’t it Eegag? We’ve each created a list of 10 of the most intriguing cards in the set… heavy on the personal bias, and heavy on the fun.
Eegag: Yes. This is in no way my Future Sight “best of” list, but these are cards that, I believe, warrant discussion.
Polyjak: Then, without futher ado, let’s discuss.