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Friday, February 23rd, 2007

The last Standard PDC event before the online existence of Planar Chaos has come and gone. It’s been a wild ride in the Time Spiral metagame, a testament to a number of factors we’ve discussed in previous articles. Let’s look at the Top 4 decks from SPDC 2.04 and see what shape the metagame is left in before things get really chaotic. Read on, gentle Pauper…


Time Spiral Standard Metagame Analysis

Saturday, February 17th, 2007

I worried earlier that the metagame of SPDC was too difficult to pin down and get a handle on. Then I decided I’d use some of the data we’ve been collecting and take a hard look at what’s been going on since we started using Time Spiral. I think you’ll see that there are some definite trends. Let’s look at those trends and see which decks have made the biggest splash.


Winning with Parlor Tricks

Friday, February 16th, 2007

Hello, everyone. Most of you know me by now, but a few of you may not. My name is Anthony, I am known online as KingRitz, and I am a relatively new member of the PDC community.
My first Pauper Magic tournament was the so-called “Euro from the Future,” a Two-Headed Giant event last November (until recently listed in November 2007 by the deck database) in which I was randomly partnered with the amazing MagicalTrevor. It was here that the PDC world was first introduced to a glacially slow, horribly un-tuned blue-black-and-red control deck that one frustrated opponent described as just a bunch of “parlor tricks.” Despite its and my shortcomings, this deck combined with MagicalTrevor’s well-oiled ninja machine to go 2-0 in its first tournament appearance.
Fast-forward to two weeks ago, when the Euro PDC Season 4 World Championship was won by a still-slow, slightly-less-un-tuned UBR control deck now known to all as Parlor Tricks.
This article is my attempt to explain the creation, evolution, and rise of an entirely new top-tier deck in the Classic Pauper format.


Pre-PC Standard Meta

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Here’s a rough, rough draft of an article I was planning on writing about the Standard metagame on the eve of the introduction of Planar Chaos. Time and interest may never permit me to finish, but I submit this skeletal post for your edification. Feel free to leave comments; the discussion ensuing will certainly be more valuable than the article itself.
I realize that my ‘four pillars’ approach doesn’t take into account almost any of the most common archetypes, and that’s why this is a rough draft. Read on, gentle Pauper, and comment away…