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Pauper Web Month – September / October

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Well, it’s been a while since I posted one of these wrapups of links from around the pauper web, so this one is a doozy.  There’s a lot of good stuff here, though, so let’s dive right in

In Pauper Top Deck Averages, Birds of Paradise did a great job crunching some numbers of pauper top deck lists over the a two month period.  If you’re at all interested in what some of the most popular archetypes are made of, this is a good starting point.

Over at Magic in the Classroom #70, the normally decidedly non-pauper article series starts out this time with a blue-white pauper list which doesn’t look half bad.

Birds of Paradise hits some classic Pauper again, with a Good Card List which could be a good deck-starter, and later examining a Green-Black Post strategy just after the hammer came down on Modern (but not Pauper!)

Over on PureMTGO, Good Game Garrison gave us another look at The Pauper Perfect Storm including some sideboard strategies and a few match videos that are worth watching if you, like I was initially, are wondering how the deck should be played.

Meanwhile, Gwyned produced another great Pauper Standard Deck Tech, this time focusing on Midrange decks and a Hawks! deck.  The format has rotated now, but the advice in here is probably just as relevant.

Speaking of Standard, PiDave has been consistent with the MPDC Weekly Metagames over on PureMTGO – 14.04, 14.05, 14.06, 14.07, 14.08, and a pretty awesome primer for Worlds 14.

You want some playtesting videos?  There were a few in the last month too – from the venerable Mikey K came Blue-Red Cloudpost, 5 Color Teachings, and another look at Mono Black Control.   Also, NextLevelMTGCoaching brings us an interesting look at a match pitting UR Cloudpost versus Mono Red Burn.

Last but certainly not least, Sanctified has returned to Pauper blogging with an excellent look at the top five cards from each color that will change Pauper Standard at Power to the Pauper.

That brings us up to last week.  Coming later this week, I’ll cover the last week of the web and we’ll be all caught up.  Until next time!