Welcome to Gatherling! This is an application where you can keep track of your decks in order to see what you played last tourney, last month, or even last year. You can keep track of all of your decks which are played in tournaments here, and your ratings for Pauper Magic will also be calculated.

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Latest Gatherling News

2012-11-13 - Version 3.2.2 Minor bugfixes and improvements still rolling out to gatherling. Hosts of events have it a bit nicer now, and some persistent bugs are fixed. There's a lot happening behind the scenes, but I promise there will be some more player-visible stuff coming soon.

  • Bugs! Squashed!
  • Host tools have been updated a lot, especially in the admin of matches.
  • We now record which round a player dropped in, which should be useful.

2012-09-02 - Version 3.2.0 The big update to Gatherling is going well, with things working good for the couple of events. Also ended up introducing some bugs as expected with such a large update, so this was mostly a bugsquashing update.

  • Bugsquashing! Players can register easier now.
  • Enhancements to the host tools so that they work better.
  • Some more enhancements to make things look better.