Event Report
SPDC 34.04
28 August 2016
Standard · 19 Players
19 Decks · 100% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by rremedio1
Event Report
Season Leaderboard
DownByTheRiversideUR Spells
1st Deck ColorsUR Spells by DownByTheRiverside
2nd Deck ColorsGB Briar Grind by afreeAk
T4 Deck ColorsUR Thermo by amnaremotoas
T4 Deck ColorsHexx by bibbob
T8 Deck ColorsUb Zombies / Blink by Fred_Dettofano
T8 Deck ColorsRG Delirium by hero1141
T8 Deck ColorsKill Me Ce Soir by rremedio1
T8 Deck ColorsUR thermo is the new deal by SFlaren
Metagame Stats
21% 42% 74% 53% 32%

Metagame Breakdown
  6 Players
 DownByTheRiverside 6-0UR Spells Aggro-Control
 amnaremotoas 3-2UR Thermo Unclassified
 SFlaren 3-1UR thermo is the new deal Unclassified
bremp555 0-3IZZET TEMPO Aggro-Control
gotthisforsoi 1-2Makin that money m9 Aggro
jminvest 0-2UR Unclassified
  3 Players
chumpblocckami 0-3Temur Emerge Combo-Control
davbricar 1-2Simic Emerge Combo
Storm_blade 1-2Wretched G_SPDC Unclassified
  2 Players
 hero1141 2-2RG Delirium Aggro-Control
Mrozik1141 0-2RG Delirium Aggro-Control
  2 Players
 Fred_Dettofano 2-2Ub Zombies / Blink Control
 rremedio1 2-2Kill Me Ce Soir Control
  1 Players
 afreeAk 4-2GB Briar Grind Aggro-Control
  1 Players
Nate316 3-04 Color Thunder Control
  1 Players
BaceJerelen 1-0BW Tokens Aggro-Control
  1 Players
 bibbob 3-2Hexx Combo
  1 Players
Ratcher 1-2WUB control 1.0 (Ratcher) Control
  1 Players
beatnik bobby 0-2-1RUw control Control