Event Report
SPDC 33.02
1 May 2016
Standard · 14 Players
14 Decks · 100% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 4 playoff
Hosted by DrChrisBakerDC
Event Report
Season Leaderboard

DownByTheRiverside"Are You Not Entertained"
1st Deck Colors"Are You Not Entertained" by DownByTheRiverside
2nd Deck ColorsDimir puzzle by Forli
T4 Deck ColorsBG Allies by afreeAk
T4 Deck ColorsPuzzle of Murasa by rjimi
Metagame Stats
15% 46% 38% 15% 62%

Metagame Breakdown
  2 Players
PROboszcz 1-1Mono Grave Control
v01dee 0-3discofun Control
  2 Players
 rjimi 3-1Puzzle of Murasa Control
moromete 1-0HH Control
  2 Players
 Forli 3-2Dimir puzzle Control
ZombieNeko 2-1UB Waltz Aggro
  1 Players
gwyned 1-1Winner vs Late Player Combo-Control
  1 Players
pr0bosczc 0-1-1Stomp Aggro
  1 Players
 afreeAk 3-1BG Allies Aggro-Combo
  1 Players
DrChrisBakerDC 1-2Simic Control Control
  1 Players
Mrmustachio 0-2Monored Aggro
  1 Players
 DownByTheRiverside 4-1"Are You Not Entertained" Aggro-Combo
  1 Players
yelloweyes2 0-2mono white Aggro
  1 Players
morpphling 1-2WG clue #TBG Unclassified