Event Report
MPDC 35.03
31 October 2016
Standard · 13 Players
11 Decks · ~85% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 4 playoff
Hosted by gwyned
Event Report
Season Leaderboard
cRUMMYdUMMY[KLD] Bu Artifact Midrange
1st Deck Colors[KLD] Bu Artifact Midrange* by cRUMMYdUMMY
2nd Deck Colors52 Card Pickup* by littlefield
T4 Deck ColorsJust another assembler deck* by AlwaysFace
T4 Deck ColorsNight_Find* by Storm_blade
Metagame Stats
36% 27% 73% 9% 82%

Metagame Breakdown
  4 Players
arctic_ghost 0-2Esper ValueBlade Control
CHAOSBLACKDOOM 0-1Esper Control Control
gwyned 0-1Esper Control Control
joekewwl 1-2Paupers Assemble Aggro-Combo
  2 Players
 Storm_blade 2-2Night_Find Unclassified
Glintwing 1-1Agents of Artifice Unclassified
  1 Players
rremedio1 1-2Forever BUG, I want to be Forever BUG Control
  1 Players
 littlefield 3-252 Card Pickup Aggro-Control
  1 Players
 AlwaysFace 3-1Just another assembler deck Unclassified
  1 Players
 cRUMMYdUMMY 5-0[KLD] Bu Artifact Midrange Aggro-Control
  1 Players
bigbee 0-1UR Control