Event Report
MPDC 34.03
22 August 2016
Standard · 20 Players
16 Decks · 80% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned
Event Report
Season Leaderboard
emerald000UR Spells
1st Deck ColorsUR Spells* by emerald000
2nd Deck ColorsRG Tremors* by Ravager1
T4 Deck ColorsMad Spells* by olstyn
T4 Deck ColorsI'm Dying to Win* by rremedio1
T8 Deck ColorsGB Grind* by afreeAk
T8 Deck Colors[EMN] GB Pulse Control* by cRUMMYdUMMY
T8 Deck ColorsRakdos MPDC* by Storm_blade
T8 Deck ColorsDeck not found** by TinyTim123
Metagame Stats
6% 38% 44% 81% 38%

Metagame Breakdown
  6 Players
 emerald000 6-0UR Spells Control
 olstyn 3-2Mad Spells Aggro-Control
AfroDwarf 2-1Izzet Tempo Aggro-Control
gwyned 1-2UR Spells Aggro-Control
jminvest 1-2UR Unclassified
littlefield 2-1Izzethardyet Aggro-Control
  3 Players
 Ravager1 5-1RG Tremors Aggro
masterofphysics 1-2Wolf Kappa Aggro
ZombieNeko 1-2RG Ramp Aggro-Combo
  3 Players
 Storm_blade 2-2Rakdos MPDC Aggro
beatnik bobby 0-3Aggro RB? Aggro
ThatHarmonicaGuy 2-1Rakdos Madness Unclassified
  1 Players
 afreeAk 2-2GB Grind Unclassified
  1 Players
 cRUMMYdUMMY 2-2[EMN] GB Pulse Control Control
  1 Players
 rremedio1 3-2I'm Dying to Win Control
  1 Players
bibbob 1-2Enchanted Tinchy Aggro-Combo