Event Report
MPDC 34.02
15 August 2016
Standard · 16 Players
16 Decks · 100% Reported
3 rounds Swiss
Top 8 playoff
Hosted by gwyned
Event Report
Season Leaderboard
Nate316UR Spells
1st Deck ColorsUR Spells* by Nate316
2nd Deck ColorsUR 8-alchemist* by JogandoPelado
T4 Deck ColorsSultai by AfroDwarf
T4 Deck ColorsAristocrats* by PauperRBust
T8 Deck Colorsbw allies by jminvest
T8 Deck ColorsWretched Manglings* by olstyn
T8 Deck ColorsBR Burn* by Paranoid_Android
T8 Deck ColorsOf Wolf and Meme* by rremedio1
Metagame Stats
13% 56% 69% 50% 44%

Metagame Breakdown
  3 Players
 Nate316 6-0UR Spells Aggro-Control
 JogandoPelado 4-2UR 8-alchemist Aggro-Control
afreeAk 1-2UR Burn Unclassified
  2 Players
 rremedio1 2-2Of Wolf and Meme Aggro
ZombieNeko 1-2RG Werewolf Ramp Aggro-Control
  2 Players
gwyned 1-2GU Emerge Unclassified
TinyTim123 1-2Might of Murasa Unclassified
  2 Players
 AfroDwarf 3-2Sultai Unclassified
emerald000 0-2Sultai Control Control
  1 Players
 PauperRBust 4-1Aristocrats Aggro-Combo
  1 Players
littlefield 0-3Temerge Unclassified
  1 Players
cRUMMYdUMMY 1-2[EMN] GB Pulse Control Control
  1 Players
 Paranoid_Android 2-2BR Burn Aggro
  1 Players
 olstyn 2-2Wretched Manglings Control
  1 Players
 jminvest 2-2bw allies Unclassified
  1 Players
mathsan 0-2UW palooza Aggro-Control