Deck Database

R1:  Win 2 - 1vs.  Boxamoto  Izzet 
R2:  Win 2 - 1vs.  underdog83  Izzet 
R3:  Win 2 - 1vs.  magrelo  MBC 
Total:  44
Avg CMC: 2.66
If you are looking to play this i would 100% play 4 train of thought. Cantripping early to hit land drops is really important, and something I wish I could have done more of. Late game they are better than compulsives since you draw 3 or 4 without discarding lands. I might even cut a compulsive for it. The Eidolion could go as the other cut, but i rather liked him. He actually was kind of an allstar since you can discard him to a compulsive and get him back, or use him as a win con in control mirrors. I even played against a guy with a lot of discard and the eidolion was a recurring piece of card advantage., But maybe hes just for control mirrors and I never really found myself wanting to board in the other one.

The sideboard is the biggest place I would change. I think the leap of flame can go. I expected people to play a lot more flying creatures, but I guess they don't. The guardians are okay and can be good against someone who plays a monocolored deck, but they can easily be dropped. Lastly, i never played against any hexproof auras lists so i never brought in the apparitions I think on paper this matchup requires the apparitions but maybe it doesn't need four slots. I was impressed with lobber crew when i played against it today, so I might add one or two of those to the board, and maybe some artifact hate if my deck gets popular.