Eventually, the plan is to have Gatherling auto-create Master Documents for each series based on data input from PDC hosts and players. Until that coding is finished, hosts are maintaining Master Documents manually for each weekly PDC event. Below you see a snapshot of the weekly PDC schedule. If you click an event's logo, you will find the Master Document with all the necessary information.

MPDC - Hosted by gwyned
Format: Pauper Standard
When: Mon 3:00pm EDT/ 7:00pm GMT registration

Season 7 Master Document

TPDC - Hosted by Arnnaria
Format: Pauper Classic
When: Tues 8:30pm EDT / Wed 12:30am GMT registration

Season 11 Master Document

SPDC - Hosted by jamuraa
Format: Pauper Standard
When: Thurs 8:30pm EDT / Fri 12:30am GMT registration

Season 11 Master Document

APDC - Hosted by Alotrel
Format: Pauper Ravnica Block
When: Saturday 12:30pm ET / 4:30pm GMT registration

Master Document

XPDC - Hosted by Polyjak
Format: Pauper Extended
When: Begins January 3, 2010

Season 6 Master Document


Alt PDC - Hosted by stussy
Format: changes weekly
When: Sunday 12:00pm (noon) ET / 4:00pm GMT registration

Season IV Master Document

BPDC - Hosted by Polyjak
Format: Pauper Lorwyn-Shadowmoor Block
When: Mon 8:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm Pacific registration

Master Document

FPDC - Hosted by yogev_ezra
Format: Pauper Future Extended
When: Fri 1:00pm EDT/ 5:00pm GMT registration

Season 2 Master Document

UPDC sponsored by PureMTGO - Hosted by shardfenix
Format: Pauper Extended
When: Sun 2:00pm EDT/ 6:00pm GMT registration

Season 4 Master Document

Classic PDC - Hosted by Evu and SpikeBoyM
Format: Pauper Classic
When: Sat 10:30am EDT / 2:30pm GMT registration

Season 8 Master Document

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