G/W Slivers: A Premier Event Report

After missing the first few pauper Premium Events due to work commitments, I found myself with a Saturday off and 6 tix. I believe last Saturdays event pulled in 94 people, all gunning for the top 8. The biggest threat? Mono black control. Thanks to cards like Warren Pilferers, Tendrils of Corruption, Corrupt, Chittering Rats and Okiba-Gang Shinobi the deck has been performing well for the last several months. I believe that this is the deck you absolutely must be able to beat when choosing your deck.

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Running The Numbers: PE Edition

With the innagural Classic Pauper PE, I decided it was time to revive "Running The Numbers" to take a look at the event that was and the information we can glean from the results. There is a lot to look at so I am going to jump right in.

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Holiday Freestyle

After what I am sure was an agonizing wait for so many, Michael and I are back with another Pauper Podcast. Honestly, we were just happy to find a time to get this thing recorded, so the content itself is quite varied. We discuss MPDC 4.09, our Magic life outside of PDC, and a bit of Peasant Magic. I hope you enjoy - I'm sure you'll learn something you didn't know before!

Get your popcorn ready 'cause it's gonna be show!

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Interview With A Michael

I am back with another podcast! To make up for last week's subpar sound quality, I've got a good one for you today. Michael (jamuraa) joins me to talk about SPDC, the evolution of the format, and his favorite decks. This one is great, folks - I am two for two in interviews! As usual, if you have any questions or comments, drop us a line (shoot us an e-mail) at podcast (at) pdcmagic.com. Enjoy this 'cast, and I'll be back next week!

Get what you're waiting for after the jump!

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TPDC Season 9 Worlds Preview

PDC Classic has a long, illustrious, and storied tradition. It is the least accessible and the most hallowed of our formats. For some of us, it represents a mysterious, inscrutable, even daunting foray into the murky past of this game of Magic we all love. For others of us, the Classic format is synonymous with PDC itself.

With WotC's impending sanctioning of Pauper Classic, PDC's most venerable format is going to be cast into the spotlight like never before. Lots of speculation about the impact of "official status" on our own community and our own events has been taking place here in the PDCMagic.com forums, and only time will tell what comes of all the noise.

Before any of that, however, we PDC Paupers have our own Classic events to make some noise about -- namely, the Season 9 Worlds Championship of Tuesday night's TPDC event, organized by Lathspel, and the following Saturday's Season 9 Worlds Championship of the Classic PDC event, hosted by LulThyme (taking over for Evu who is retiring from the role of Saturday's main coordinator).

Heading into this huge week for Classic players, let's take a look back at the Classic landscape for the last four months. For this article, we'll start with TPDC.

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On this Thanksgiving week in the United States, we pause to reflect upon the things that make us truly grateful. We express our gratitude for the things, the opportunities, and the people that enrich our lives. And we dissect the Pauper Standard metagame, looking for clues or ideas about strategies with which to rip the format wide open.

In this article, I will give you some Thanksgiving week food for thought about how the metagame has evolved in the past four weeks. I'll publish the wisdom of ChronicHeaves in the form of an interview I conducted with him. And lastly, I'll compile a list of the ten most influential cards in Standard right now.

So go grab a gravy boat and a ladle and sit back as we nibble on some Standard knowledge together.

Oh, and there's a link to Podcast #6 inside.

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